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Operational Decision Making Tools

Response Planning

Building response hierarchies for each area of a district use to be a long, tedious process taking weeks or even months with limited accuracy. Mutual aid hierarchy was often mapped to the station rather than the area of the district where the equipment would be responding. 

Using advance mapping technology (GIS) we are able to reduce the process to just a few hours. We have developed a methodology to determine the closets 25, 50 or even 100 stations to every zone/block/district in your district. The result is easier analysis and trade off determination based upon travel time and mileage. Additionally, this will create an independent hierarchy based on travel time instead of political relationships.

The needs of this analysis can be tailored to the specific requirements of your department.

Response Time Planning

Understanding response time from your stations to sections of your district can be valuable for planning future operations. This may be especially useful if you are planning on building a future station and looking for an optimal location or modifying response plans. We are able to use GIS mapping to quickly estimate travel times from your stations and mutual aid stations to each area of your district.

Additionally, if you are considering building a new station or re-locating an existing station we can use previous run data to determine the best location for a new station by determining the best location to minimize response time to your incidents.

Grid Planning

Understanding and assigning response areas to each station within your district can be vital in minimizing the response time of Fire/EMS/Rescue personnel. Additionally, zones/blocks/grids within districts need to be small enough and focused enough they can provide reliable response service. 

This type analysis involves a detailed look at the areas within your district that should be assigned to an established or planned facility. Using travel time and predicted response time, each area and road segment in your district can be assigned to the closest station. Additionally, U.S. census data can be used to estimate the population and number of residences within each response area. 

This is often the first step for future hierarchy building, which uses a similar methodology to determine the closest stations for additional response, after the primary station. For more information on hierarchy building, click here.

Response Analysis

Operational Response Analysis uses previous incident data to see where incidents occur most frequently in your district. This information may be useful for a variety of staffing and operational requirements your department may have. 

We are also able to provide a variety of statistics about incident frequency, timing and locations within your district. The possibilities are endless and all the information is useful in making operational decisions about how your department staff's units, locates stations and responds to incidents.

Analysis can also look at where busy spots occur, what units are responding to most of your units and how your apparatus is being used across your incident profile. 

Staffing Analysis

Are you interested in knowing when you should staff your units to optimize the availability of crews, while staffing your units in a cost effective manner? Many departments do not have the resources to staff their units to manage every last call in their district and would prefer to more heavily staff units when incidents are most likely to occur. This may be particularly useful if you are considering multiple units, multiple shifts or a "power shift". 

This analysis will look at the trade offs as to when incidents will occur and how to most effectively staff your units. For departments that bill analysis can be completed to look at the trade off between covering most of your calls, minimizing staffing expenses and maximizing revenue to operate your department. 


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